Welcome to the On the Wings of Light healing and learning center located in Berkshire County in Massachusetts.  Created by three sisters in 2010, On the Wings of Light is a practice that promotes healing by incorporating a “team healing” approach. This cooperative healing practice is unique to their business and produces powerful results. Their focus is to balance the healing energies in the client’s body, mind and spirit.”  The balancing of energies (chakras) are essential in maintaining superior health and longevity.

On the Wings of Light practitioners are dedicated to performing Reiki, an ancient holistic healing method. Each sister shares their own individual Reiki mastery and life experiences as they work with the client in concert.  Each Sister brings forth a beautiful empathy that comes from their personal/professional lives. Raising families, running successful businesses and caring for others in traditional medical and nursing professions have prepared them to listen and respond with the appropriate healing energies in support of their clients.

On the Wings of Light is also dedicated to the training of individuals who wish to become certified in the practice of Reiki.  They offer a variety of courses in compliance with the Reiki Institute.