Using advanced absent treatment techniques, you will learn to send healing energy to past events in order to provide you with additional energy and protection.

ART(Advanced Reiki Training): $225.00

Hours by Appointment only:

  •     You will learn “stacking,” i.e., how to administer Reiki absent treatments to entire groups (of any size) in only one session.
  •     You will learn how to bring more abundance to your life as well as how to fulfill your destiny.
  •     You will learn how to manifest your personal goals through Reiki.
  •     You will learn a technique to repair breaks or holes in the astral matrix. This powerful technique accelerates the healing process for many different conditions.

You will learn to utilize the Linking Awareness technique in order to promote better communication between the mind and body. Sometimes the problem may not be with a particular gland or organ. The problem may be due to lack of communication within the body. This technique restores this communication and alleviates pain, inflammation, and swelling … bringing about calmness and a deep sense of well-being. You will receive two more meditative attainments.